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No Longer Available

We will continue to offer repair services for the FIR Lumbar Cushion,

Model SF019 until we run out of replacement parts.

FIR Lumbar Cushion

Orthopedic Spinal Support Pillow
w/ Massage and Far Infrared




Download FIR Lumbar Cushion Presentationpdf file


The FIR Lumbar Cushion is an ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow made with high resilient polyurethane material and provides far infrared technology, vibrating massage and penetrating heat. The pillow conforms to the lower back to align posture, help prevent and relieve back pain and maintain kidney function.

The FIR Lumbar Cushion is equipped with Far Infrared strips on each side of the pillow. Lumbar support with heated massage and far infrared work together providing pain relief, corrected posture and optimized kidney function.

Spinal Conditions that Cause Neck and Back Pain
Arthritis of the Spine - Bone Spurs - Bulging Disc - Degenerative Disc Disease Facet Disease - Stenosis - Herniated Disc - Pinched Nerve - Sciatica - Spinal Stenosis

Far Infrared Technology

The FIR Lumbar Cushion utilizes far infrared technology to expand capillaries which assist in increased blood flow and circulation.

Heating Conductor
The FIR Lumbar Cushion features a heating conductor that offers soothing relief to sore muscles and joints and can reach a temperature of up to 113ºF.

Vibrating Massage
The FIR Lumbar Cushion consists of two individual motors to help relieve lower back pain, improve circulation and proper function to the kidneys.

Ergonomic Design
The FIR Lumbar Cushion was specifically engineered to adequately support the muscles and skeletal structure of the lower back and supports good posture in individuals.

A Combination of Excellence
The FIR Lumbar Cushion is equipped with Far Infrared strips on each side of the pillow.
Lumbar support with heated massage and far infrared work together to provide pain relief, correct posture and optimize kidney functioning.

The FIR Lumbar Cushion is Suitable for…
Office Workers
Ideal for those who spend long hours behind a desk.


Aids in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.
Ideal for post pregnant mothers. Provides soothing relief to the pelvic region.

Relieves muscle pain caused by poor blood circulation and inactivity.

Students and Teenagers
Supports good posture and proper spinal alignment during adolescence.

Provides an excellent source of relief while driving.
Ideal for long commutes and road trips.

Athletes and Laborers
Helps relieve soreness and lower back pain after physical training or hard labor

How to Operate:

  • Plug power adapter plug into wall outlet and then plug power adapter into FIR Lumbar Support Pillow. Turn power switch on.
  • When finished, turn power switch off. Disconnect power adapter from wall outlet and unplug pillow power adapter.

Washing FIR Lumbar Support Pillow Jacket:

  • Separate power adapter and FIR Lumbar Support Pillow.
  • Remove plastic and metal nuts from FIR Lumbar Support Pillow power outlet turning counter clockwise using wrench.
  • Pull zipper and fold inward to remove jacket.
  • Do not fold or crease with use.
  • Do not switch on power and use product when wet.
  • Children should be under direct supervision.
  • Do not use product if you are pregnant, wounded, have skin inflammation, skin diseases and/or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Do not expose product to direct sunlight or high temperatures (no drying or ironing).
  • Do not puncture product – keep away from sharp objects.
  • Store product in a cool dry place.
  • Do not place weight on top of unit.
  • Note that cushion’s jacket is washable, not the actual cushion.
  • This product is not intended for those with physical/perceptual/mental impairments, or lack of knowledge or experience with those.



  • Power Supply: DC 12V Input
  • Power: <20W
  • Parameter: Revolution 4000rpm
  • Temperature 108-113ºF
  • Dimensions: 13” x 14” x 3” (L x W x H inches)
  • Accessories: Auto DC Car Adaptor / Charger





FIR Lumbar Cushion New Improved Design



Do you spend long hours sitting at your desk or driving long distances?  Do you have back problems?  The FIR Lumbar Cushion can help you minimize the spinal pain, improve your posture, relieve back soreness, increase your productivity and maintain a healthy back.



The FIR Lumbar Cushion now comes with a remote control which enables you to turn on/off the device, or choose between the FIR heat mode and the massage mode individually.

The FIR Lumbar Cushion also features a new 3 contact CB connector which attaches better to the FIR Lumbar Cushion.









FIR Lumbar Cushion Prices/Specials





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