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Bianca Body Profile –

Cellulite Control Complex



Body Profile

Bianca Body Profile - 150ml

Shape your Figure

Hydrolysis triglyceride

Re-generate Connective Tissue

Increase the blood circulation

Speeds up the fat metabolism


All natural plant formula. With precious ingredient which can increase blood circulation, and to loosen fat.



Aqua/ caffeine/ polyglycerylmethacrylate/ dimethicone/ Algae extract/ Zedoary Oil/ Ginger Oil/ Cinnamon Oil/ 1,3 butylene glycol/ glycerine/ mineral oil/ triethylene amine / Peg-4 olivate/ Cetearyl glucoside / carnitine / POE-25 Glyceryl monosearate / Glyceryl monosearate/ Camphor powder/ carbomer/ Isoceteth-20/ polyacrylamide, c13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7/ hydroxyethyl/ cellulose/ Methyl Paraben/ capsicum/ propyl paragen/ potassium glycyrrhyzinate.


Characteristic of Main Ingredients:

  • Guarana Extract

Caffeine contributes to weight loss and overall weight control due to increased Cholesterol elimination rates.



·         Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon helps to increase blood circulation and will relax muscle tension in addition to increasing Cholesterol elimination rates.




  • Ginger

- Ginger stimulates the digestive system and it causes a sensation of heat in level gastric

- Enhance your stomach with better function to eliminate the waste via the circulatory system

- Helps the body to sweat and detoxify

- Improve blood circulation



  • Capsicum

Capsaicin increases adrenalin secretions to expedite circulation and can promote fat liquefaction.



Squeeze a portion of the Body Profile onto the palms of your hands, and massage into the area you desire to tone or slim, after you awake and shower at night, twice daily. Body Profile is not oil, so there is no need to wipe it off of you. It will also quickly absorb into your skin, so there is no need to wash the area.


What you may notice:
You may notice a pattern of easier digestion and excretion, your stool may become softer, so there is no need for alarm, and this is healthy. Please also drink plenty of water and avoid simple sugars during the period of application.



  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • If you feel a heat sensation or the skin turns red, this reaction is normal.
  • After using the Body Profile, please wash hands.


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